Why join

It’s awesome to be recognized and to make sure that people know what your spa and wellness business has achieved. Winning the Africa Spa Awards can open doors to new customers, contacts, supply channels, and markets and can help to boost staff morale and motivation amongst other benefits.

Stand out from the competition and nominate yourself and get your industry trade partners and clients to vote for you! A win is a sign of quality for potential customers!

The Benefits of Joining:

1.      Recognition & Rewards
We recognize and award your efforts in the spa and wellness industry in Africa.

2.      Worldwide Promotion
Benefit from the continental and global promotions and level to take your brand beyond borders.

3.      Customer Growth
Make waves and expand your brand into travel and wellness tourism.

4.     Networking opportunities 
Connect with spa and wellness industry leaders throughout the continent and worldwide to forge partnerships 

5.      Staff Recognition
Boost your team ́s morale with recognition

6.     Online Profile
Show your amazing spa and wellness profile to engage and get more traction.